A faith of the mixture of professionalism and fashion

Motivated by romantic French poetry, carefree attitude to life and fashion ideas since its inception, it insists on the brand philosophy of freedom, handiness, simplicity and efficiency. Promax, solely intended for metropolitan modern men and women in pursuit of quality, is engaged in making practical yet fashionable bags from which users explore the fun of work and comfort of life.
Today, Promax, the inheritor of proven experience and exquisite craftsmanship, develops proportional and shapely original designs in combination with innovative fabrics, re- interprets in the imaginative structural language the stylish, straightforward, and professional outlook of modern metropolitan modern people and creates outstanding bags fitting young needs all the more.

Why the name of Promax?

Professionalism to the maximum
The design team of Promax consists of a group of vigorous designers with diversified creative energies. They never compromise with their pursuit of perfection, particular about every detail of every model, from the depiction of profile, the color collocation, the choice between thin and thick edge, the consideration for practical functionality, just to make sure their designs blend fashion with professionalism well without any less minimal and pragmatic features. draft designs are touched up by bag craftsmen with more than 4 decades of experiences. Promax maintains superior quality with handwork legacy and fine sewing throughout the fabrication from paper pattern, to material selection, pattern making and processing to deliver comfy bags conducive to professional quantity lifestyle.

Why the logo of armadillo?

Armadillo is a mammal with a history of over 300 years. The American habitants carrying a large and solid shell are one of the animals with the most perfect natural defensive system. Armadillos are lively by nature, highly sensitive and adaptive to external environment. Their armor does not make the born adventurer any less a runner.

Seeking inspiration for design from armadillo, Promax selects nylon, which is very resistant to wear, alkaline and acid. To continuously improve how consumers feels carrying a bag, Promax has ergonomically developed the patented backpack technologies including breathable straps. Promax hopes its bags will relieve travelers and help them explore the fun of work and comfort of smart life.